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Karen at the high school

The trip for me was 'a challenging and enlightning adventure' Karen 2010

Doug in Amsterdam on the return

“We saw Kenya in a way that the name-brand package tour crowd doesn’t. It will be for those who want something beyond, deeper, better than the usual off-the-rack tours.” —Doug 2010

Trish in Mt. Kenya Lobellia

You were along for the trip. When someone is traveling that far and is doing specialized travel, like climbing, you like to know someone is looking after you.

The itinerary is excellent. The places and tours we were on were great, the more I think about it after the trip the more smiles I have.

The people you hired were great, very friendly and very helpful.

Alex, for our trip we could not have wanted anything more. It was fantastic and for what we paid we could not have asked for anymore.  trish  2005


Lisa in Hell's Gate Park

"I had an amazing adventure in Kenya with Alex, as far as I'm concerned this is the absolute best way to see the country.  Summiting Mt. Kenya at sunrise was both the most physically challenging and emotionally exhilarating thing I've ever done."  Lisa 2003

Jen entering Mackinder Valley on Mt. Kenya

I liked that there were two guides-it felt like we had the best of both worlds at once. We would get your perspective and David's and both helped a lot.
The food was great on the camping parts. I ate better there than I would at home! Even the hyrax knew great food when they saw it! The people there are absolutely amazing and really make the trip. The children are still so untouched by all the attention they get from Westerners traveling thru. I expected them to beg more, yet they were just happy to see us and practice their English. So sweet!
I thought you were very up front about the type of trip and I truly felt that I got exactly what I asked for and much more!
It was very well organized and flowed smoothly. We never had to wait for anything. I was really pleased with how well planned it was. No detail was left to chance and you included us in any decisions on changes. Your suggestions on clothing were bang on! I followed what you said and did fine.
I liked that the itinerary was very full and lots of go go go. The beach place on the coast where we snorkeled was also worth the wait! Absolutely beautiful. I really felt that this is a trip that everyone should take.
Schools should make it part of the curriculum with you as the guide! It was worth every penny and those experiences will stay with me forever (at least until my next visit there!)
--Jen 2006

She was wary of Albert at first

Well it has been two months since Africa and it's still the best trip I have ever been on. The part of trip I enjoyed the most was the walk with the Masai guide and the donkeys. Alex I wish you all best with the trips to Africa. I have told everyone I meet how great it was.

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"You were along for the trip. When someone is traveling that far and is doing specialized travel, like climbing, you like to know someone is looking after you.." Read More »