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The best time, based on weather and airfares,  to visit Kenya is from the middle of September through March. Kenya's southern grasslands in Masai Mara are still green from the spring rains and the big grazing animal migration is settled in until December.  Then they are on the move south again into the Serengeti.

However, many animals remain in the Mara, January through March, when the rainy season begins.
While many parts of sub-Saharan Africa offer splendours in nature, Kenya probably offers the most varied ecosystems from jungle, high mountains, grassland and lakes to desert in a relatively confined area.

But its proximity to the Sudan and Somalia means it is occasionally subjected to some overflow violence. If it occurs, it is generally confined to the east coast and northeastern border of the country, with occasional spectacular outbreaks in Nairobi from time to time.

While such makes big news here, it is not a significant danger in the gamut, headed, like everywhere else, by the more mundane, motor vehicle accidents. But regardless, this is adventure travel and  one has to be comfortable both with the real and imagined dangers.

Our pattern usually has us arrive at night in Nairobi and leave immediately for the southwest the next morning, returning to the city only a day or so before departure.

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Hiking at Altitude

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