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Softer Footprints

If your idea of an inviting adventure involves making footprints with your favourite soft-soled walking shoes, we can make an itinerary to suit you.

The option to hike high on rocky trails in extreme weather exists and is detailed in Harder Footprints.

But others, with less self-punishment in mind, may imagine wandering down winding paths through the rainforest, following the shore of a lake or meandering on gentle mountain slopes.

You may be looking at birds or admiring the flowers with the freedom and time to stop and examine what you have discovered.

Each is invited to choose the intensity of activity that suits their interests and capabilities.

Some itineraries may be dedicated to a specific level of activity while others may offer activity options within the same group. This is suitable for traveling companions who want to share the overall experience, but not always through identical activities.

Most go to East Africa to see the iconic animals and of course you will. But often the most memorable experiences come from what you didn’t expect to see, or the chance encounter with a person. And then there are the African daily life gems that the guide would not think worth mentioning, but are novel to you.

There is no need to detail where such delights can be found because they could be found almost anywhere and probably will be.

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