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An itinerary catering to birdwatchers covers the same basic sights as the others, but the rhythm of walking is different. Birdwatchers may focus on details of birds and habitat more intensely than those less attuned to the finer points. As such the pace will be more methodical with frequent stops.

For those new to Africa, bird watching can start from the window of your cabin and certainly as soon as one crosses the threshold. Long before you see birds you have likely heard them. While they roost at night, they are often awake and noisy. They may settle down, but be roused again. Early in your recovery from jet lag, you may be acutely aware of these night rhythms of the birds.

A lot of the predominant ground dwelling birds are found on the plains of Masai Mara. This is also where you find the birds with symbiotic relationship with herd animals. Here you may observe the behavior of a bird that 'makes it living' scurrying up and down the neck and back of a giraffe.

Lake shores are major habitat for birds and there are two basic types of lakes with quite different populations.

One of the world’s great ornithological wonders is the million strong flocks of flamingoes around the alkaline lakes. Their primary food is the algae that grows in these conditions.
The bird populations inhabiting the freshwater lake shores are less homogenous and more varied. This is where the avid birdwatcher will really rack up new sightings, quite possibly more than a hundred in one day.

The tropical rainforest and mountains offer subtler bird watching experiences, as they are harder to spot.

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