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All of us travel through life, but some are more nomadic than others.  My life has been distinctly on the nomadic side, not only in where I have travelled geographically, but where I have gone educationally and occupationally. 

When 24, after a university career where I majored variously in physical education, psychology and Asian studies, I embarked on a trip around the world.  I was placing special emphasis on Asian countries and spent five months roaming in Pacific rim countries, Southeast Asia and South Asia.  For a month I travelled in the countries of the middle east before spending the spring in western Europe.  A year later I returned to Asia and for two years lived and taught English as a second language in Korea.

On returning to Canada I edged into a 20-year career in journalism.  A resident of Hamilton, Ontario, I thought not to waste my proximity to a university.  I spent a year studying business administration and later another year in labour studies.

During that stage of my life, I took some family holidays in the Caribbean and on the Atlantic coast with a moderately adventurous two weeks in the Italian hills mixed in.  In 1999, at the suggestion of my daughter, we travelled for two weeks in France and Italy.  That may have re-infected me with the travelling bug.  The next year I spent the month of February in east Africa and followed it up with an encore visit in 2001. Between then and 2010 I have taken five groups to East Africa. My total time, to date, in East Africa is about seven months.

In 2011, I spent three weeks with my son in south China and Laos seeing it from the tourist side. In 2012, a week cycling in Denmark was followed by a three-week bicycle tour in Cambodia and Thailand.

2013 again found me in southwestern China for a three-week bicycle hike in Yunnan province to the fabled city of Shangri-la.

Again a bike hike in early 2014, this time in Costa Rica, followed shortly after by two weeks in Tunisia.

With 'Footprints', I am hoping to retain the best parts of a roaming traveller without some of the disadvantages.  You can email me at for more information.




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