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Additional itinerary considerations

Tanzania has great attractions, but is more expensive than comparable ones in Kenya.

1.Hiking the crater highlands of Tanzania to Lake Natron ranks high with hikers, featuring spectacular scenery without altitude sickness.

2. Mt. Kilimanjaro has the cache as  the highest trekable peak in the world. On a per diem basis this is the most expensive attraction in East Africa  (outside of the gorillas in Uganda). Several routes are possible.

3. Mt. Meru, near 'Kili' is Africa’s fourth highest peak.

4. Tarangire and Manyare National parks offer animal viewing near the mountains.

5. The Serengeti farther to the west is spectacular as is the Ngorogoro Conservation area which includes the famed crater.

6. The Selous Reserve and the Ruaha National Park, farther south, are remote and large, but finding the animals is a little harder as is the case with most large reserves, except possibly the Serengeti.

7.Zanzibar famous for spices and Arab influence is a boat ride from the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam. This, of the three capitals including Nairobi and Kompalla, may offer the most from a tourist perspective


1. Mt. Elgon, Afrrica’s fifth highest on the Kenya/Uganda border can be hiked from either side. Uganda side is the most famous and offers slightly higher altitude.

2.The Ruwenzori mountains (Mountains of the moon) in western Uganda is Africa’s third highest and last of three with permanent ice cap. This is exceedingly wet, raining almost every day of the year. It is a less common mountain destination, but ranks as a spectacular adventure. One could visit the Queen Elizabeth Park in the area.

3.There are various game parks in Uganda, but they are not as well known as those of Kenya or Tanzania.


1.The Aberdare highlands (4,000 m.) across the valley from Mt. Kenya offer a hiking experience in wild country. It is  a less common destination for tourists.

2. Mt. Kenya offers three main routes, two from the west side and one from the east. The circuit of the peaks, a rigourous 12-hour trek above 4,000 m. is described as one of the ‘world’s great one-day hikes’.

3.Amboseli  National Park in the lee of Mt. Kilimanjaro, famous for its elephants, is a slight detour from the road joining Nairobi to the Kilimanjaro area.

4. Tsavo National Park East and West are both huge with more concerted animal searching involved.

5. Sweetwaters Reserve near Nanyuki, beside Mt. Kenya, is famous for the chimpanzee sanctuary and tame rhino.

6. Mombasa and the south, along the coast. The coast in both Kenya and Tanzania is hotter than the high country inland. This offers beach opportunities, exposure to Arab influence and snorkeling at the Kisite Marine Park.

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