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Accommodations and Concerns



There are three aspects of accommodation I consider. They are quality of the amenities, convenient location and ambiance of the surroundings. One good aspect can often compensate for a deficiency in the others. Feedback from travellers in Africa, suggests ‘ambiance’ and freedom to roam in it will often trump the others. So I have tended to focus on this.

I have had people express disappointment at good basic accommodations in the city, but express no complaint with a basic, or lower, room that opened onto a balcony overlooking the ocean. Some of the photos I am including will illustrate this aspect.

There are generally three levels that we use: a middle level African hotel, a lower end tourist accommodation and high end tourist hotel.

Usually we rely on lower end tourist level, but occasionally use the other two.

Bunkhouses are the fare on the mountains and a permanent tented camp at Masai Mara.

Danger is a concern often blown out of proportion and most can be reduced by prudent steps. The greatest danger, as here, are traffic accidents. To minimize this and increase our flexibility we hire our own vehicle and can dictate how, when and where it is driven. Not transporting tourists at night, except for airport shuttle, is a legal requirement of the Kenya government.

Concern about being accosted is addressed by not going out at night, or by oneself during the day, in cities. White people are assumed to be rich and therefore a target for thieves. This concern is in urban areas. So we reserve moving around in Nairobi to the last day or so, when people are most savvy about their surroundings. It is advisable to keep valuables, such as jewellery and cameras out of sight.

While political issues make the news here, they are not a realistic threat, especially in rural areas where we spend most of the time. What threats of this nature there are, are usually confined to limited areas of the country. We do, however, avoid election seasons. Here danger is not directly to the tourists, but tribal tensions run high and our staff should not travel much out of home districts.

I am including several photos illustrating the range of facilities, both the amenities and the environment.

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