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Escape to the Highlands of Kenya


This is a foundation sample itinerary. Most Footprints Tours trips include some of these attractions. Its advantages are that it offers a comprehensive survey of East African nature with a minimum of vehicle travel. The goal, although not always achieved, is to keep the daily vehicle travel to four hours. In addition, the focus on Kenya, the reduced driving, and the concentrated nature of the trip keeps the price down and offers the best value in a short time period (less than three weeks).

About Footprints

Whether you want to experience the glaciers and thin air, high on the great mountains, the huge herds and predators of the fabled Serengeti Plain, or the chaotic tangle of life in the rain forest, Footprints Tours offers opportunity to marvel at nature or test yourself in it.  Read More »

Hiking at Altitude

Forays up higher than the camp and back down improve the body's acclimatization to altitude. Depending on energy levels, several of these at the end of the day may suffice.. Read More »


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"You were along for the trip. When someone is traveling that far and is doing specialized travel, like climbing, you like to know someone is looking after you.." Read More »