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From the high glaciated peaks at the equator to the white sands of the Indian Ocean, this is the trip of a lifetime. See the huge herds of the Serengeti and the million-strong flock of flamingos in the Great Rift Valley Lake. The wonders of Africa are all in this trip.

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A hiking adventure in East Africa will paint a broad swath across the canvas of any traveler's life.

Footprints' itineraries are concentrated in the highlands of the Great Rift Valley, the progenitor of the solitary volcanic peaks, the escarpments and the expansive plains. There is probably no other region in the world where the hot and dry of the desert, the floral richness of the rain forest and the stark cold of the Arctic are within a few driving or even walking hours of each other.


About Footprints

Whether you want to experience the glaciers and thin air, high on the great mountains, the huge herds and predators of the fabled Serengeti Plain, or the chaotic tangle of life in the rain forest, Footprints Tours offers opportunity to marvel at nature or test yourself in it.  Read More »

Hiking at Altitude

Forays up higher than the camp and back down improve the body's acclimatization to altitude. Depending on energy levels, several of these at the end of the day may suffice.. Read More »


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"You were along for the trip. When someone is traveling that far and is doing specialized travel, like climbing, you like to know someone is looking after you.." Read More »